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Solarize Yarmouth

Solarize Plus Yarmouth | Town of Yarmouth, MA Solar Program

  What is Solarize Plus Yarmouth?

Yarmouth Windmill

This program is a cooperative effort between state, local officials, clean energy technology installers, and Yarmouth resident volunteers to spread the word on the environmental and economic benefits of clean and renewable energy technologies. The goals include offering affordable solar panels and mini-splits.

Solarize Plus Yarmouth offers residents and small businesses Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Battery Storage for Solar PV, and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP).

The selected ASHP installer, South Shore Climate Control is offering reduced pricing on Fujitsu and Mitsubishi units. The chosen Solar installer, Solar Wolf Energy, is offering the #1 Solar Panel on the market to Yarmouth: SunPower!

Just some of the Solarize Plus benefits:

  • A great way to save money and help improve the Yarmouth environment.
  • Community driven educational and outreach program by the local residents of Yarmouth.
  • Incredibly reduced cost for the best solar panels on the market.
  • Fully vetted Solar installer, by Yarmouth volunteers & Mass. Clean Energy Center.
  • Reduce your reliability on dirty fossil fuels for a greener Yarmouth.
  • Solar homes sell for more and increase around 4% in value!
  • Return on investment is between 3-5 years! (Average ROI in MA without Solarize is 10+ years)
  • Encourages the adoption of solar energy use by small businesses.

The Yarmouth Solarize Plus program results in significantly reduced pricing by using a competitive installer selection process and aggregating homeowner buying power to lower installation price for participants.

  Who is the PV Installer - Solar Wolf Energy?

Solar Wolf Energy Office

Founded on the principles of honesty & transparency, Solar Wolf Energy is a solar installer with over 25 years of combined experience in electrical, construction, roofing, and energy efficient technology - ensuring residents of Yarmouth can look forward to reliable customer service & superior pv installations.

Solar Wolf Energy is managed by associates that are well respected in their locations and trades. We focus on the old adage to under promise and over deliver every time. We have more well rounded experience than any other solar company around.

By focusing on the customer needs, being fully transparent throughout the whole process and not trying to up sell their customers more than they need, we are a top tier energy company that is second to none!

Some quick facts on Solar Wolf Energy:

  • Founded in 2015 by Chairman Ted Strzelecki, led by CEO Taylor Bennett.
  • Awarded #427 in the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2020!
  • 2nd fastest growing company in Massachusetts in 2020.
  • Solar Wolf takes care of everything from sale, to permitting, construction, commissioning, and monitoring.
  • Our strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to provide extremely competitive rates.
  • Sister company Roof Wolf opened in 2019.
  • Sister company Aqua Wolf Plumbing opened in 2020.
  • Operation Care Wolf, a non-profit centered around securing housing resources for low-income veterans, opened in 2021.

  Why Participate In Solarize Plus Yarmouth?

Electricty Bill

As a homeowner, business owner or landlord, the last thing you want is an expensive electric bill that can put a major strain on your wallet. Unfortunately utility rates continue to SOAR every year. By using our enhanced and specialized software, we can design the best solar system that fits your needs and looks good doing it!

Solar Wolf Energy is proud to offer SunPower panels to the residents of Yarmouth at the most competitive rates on the market, thanks to a long-established strategic partnership between the local installer and the national manufacturer.

Our ability to offer SunPower products for well below market rate is a unique opportunity for participants of the Yarmouth Solarize Plus campaign. SunPower is the best solar equipment manufacturer in the country.

The Statistics about SunPower:

  • SunPower panels generate more energy than conventional solar panels.
  • Most efficient solar panel on the market, hands down.
  • Guaranteed peak power rating of 92% in year 25.
  • 60% Fewer visible parts for an incredibly sleek design.
  • SunPower solar systems are meticulously designed and tested.
  • Sunpower panels are able to stand up to the harshest conditions in New England.
  • Get bigger savings with 55% more energy generation.
  • Be confident with our industry-leading 25 year warranty.

Behold the Beauty of SunPower Solar Panels!

SunPower Install 1
SunPower Install 2
SunPower Install 3
SunPower Install 4
SunPower Install 5
SunPower Install 6

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Solar Wolf Energy Testimonials


They Take Pride In Their Work

The installation crew showed up on the day promised, introduced themselves by name, and got to work. The crew took pride in their work and left a clean job site. When I had a question about the solar sy... read more

5 Stars
Rachel Avenia Prol East Sandwich, MA

Great Company

From start to finish I had nothing but exceptional service from everyone at solar wolf energy!

5 Stars
Adam Bergstrom Charlton, MA

Awesome service

My husband and I had solar panels installed late 2019, by Solar Wolf Energy. Cory McKenna walked us through the whole process. The team worked closely with us to make sure we had everything the way we want... read more

5 Stars
Colleen Natale Leominster, MA

Sunny With Solar Wolf Energy

I recently contracted Solar Wolf Energy Inc. to install a 9.4 KW, using 29 LG 335 W panels, and SolarEdge Inverter. Having many years experience myself in Building and Electrical contracting I was expec... read more

5 Stars
Donald Brabants North Easton, MA

Solarize Plus Yarmouth Installation Video

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