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Finally Solar Recycling, We Need More Of It! | Solar TV

Today we are talking about solar recycling! We've long waited for there to be an Apples "Daisy" in solar. If your not aware Dasiy is Apple's machine that can deconstruct an iPhone within minutes! Salvaging a lot of the small insignificant pieces that attribute to the world's current E-waste issue. Now solar may have a runner in the race as well, upon doing some research we came across "We Recycle Solar", which is a company that has the goal of helping reduce waste after the panels life has concluded! Not only that they are also able to do this profitably by working with solar companies and PPA's alike. If you like today's episode, drop a like or even better Subscribe! #RenewableEnergy #Recycle #SolarWolf Solar Wolf Energy Inc https://www.solarwolfenergy.com

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