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GM Announces The Hummer EV | Best Truck On The Market?? $112,000

Hey welcome back to the channel, today we talk about lower the new Hummer EV. It’s massively powerful, packs a battery unrivaled in size, and should dominate off-road when the need arises. In short, this is no Chevy Bolt EV. Most importantly though is the fact that it is a pickup truck, America’s most beloved type of vehicle, while an SUV variant will debut later. Being as there are multiple truck classes on the market, spanning across incredible measures of capability, MC&T had questions about what weight class of truck the electric Hummer will be, so we sat down with the truck’s lead engineer to find out. $112,000 If you like today's episode, drop a like or even better Subscribe! #Hummer #EV #GM Solar Wolf Energy Inc https://www.solarwolfenergy.com

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