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Solarize Plus Yarmouth Installation & Customer Testimonials

Watch highlights from a Solar installation by Solar Wolf Energy and hear testimonials from our customers about why they chose to participate in the Solarize Plus Yarmouth program. The Solarize Plus Yarmouth program is a cooperative effort between state, local officials, clean energy technology installers, and Yarmouth resident volunteers to spread the word on the environmental and economic benefits of clean and renewable energy technologies. The goals include offering affordable solar panels and mini-splits. Solarize Plus Yarmouth offers residents and small businesses Sunpower Solar Photovoltaics (PV), SunVault Battery Storage for Solar PV, and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP). To learn more about the Solarize Plus Yarmouth program, visit: https://www.solarwolfenergy.com/solarize/yarmouth To contact the Solarize Plus Yarmouth team, visit: https://solaryarmouth.org

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